WoW Hardcore Casual's (MoP 5.4) - Auction House Data For All Realms Available

Published: 2014-07-31, by WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad

I am happy to announce today that auction house data for all realms and regions is now officially online and functioning. I am very pleased with the data being produced and I'm continuing to fine tune this data to ensure the best experience for all users.

Over the past month it has been an enduring process to bring all of this data online and in a format that could be considered one the best available on any website. I hope you all make good use of this data during your gold making adventures in the World of Warcraft.

This data was originally used by myself but I decided to release it for public use after The Undermine Journal shutdown this month. It is fine tuned to provide the best gold making data available, which was why I created this data originally: data from every other source was below my own personal standards when it comes to generating the best profits.

For those of you new to gold making in WoW I have provided a tutorial on how to use this AH Data below.

First, you simply need to bring up results for your server, and they should look something like this:

Once you've got to your server's data, you'll notice there are textareas at the top of each section, each containing a list of numbers seperated by semicolons. These are item id's from all items listed in the section, in order. If you copy this entire string and paste it into a TSM (TradeSkillMaster, a very handy addon available via the curse client) search query, all these items will be pulled up on your server, and you can choose which ones you would like to buy. Which makes life easier for people looking for good deals, just sort by buyout cost and grab up the cheapest ones!

In the "Companions & Pets" section you will also notice that there are two [page link] fields at the top of the section. These fields will help you navigate to special pages designed for players that are interested in buying, trading, and transferring battle pets. These items are special because they are the only items in game that can be obtained on one server, and sold on another server for a profit. This can be quite a fun way to make gold, especially if your server's economy isn't doing so well.

So why should you use this data instead of WoWuction? Well, there are several reasons:

  1. First and foremost, because the data on WoWHardCas has TSM ready to go searches for any section, it makes using this data much much easier than having to tab through several pages of data just to find the results I'm after.
  2. There are also more results provided than you will know what to do with, WoWHardCas data will contain all results, nothing more and nothing less.
  3. The WoWHardCas interface is simple and easy to browse through, with all data in one page there is no need to click around endlessly in search for what you're after.
  4. WoWHardCas data is simple and sorted properly for people to get great market overviews with just one glance.
  5. WoWHardCas properly supports battle pets to a level you'll find no where else. Companion items are properly mapped to the battle pets they add to your inventory, meaning garaunteed best results for battle pet data. The battle pet support you'll find here is unparalleled by any other AH search tool around.
  6. This website was written by a WoW Gold Maker with only one thing in mind: making more gold. In the past month I've made over 500k gold using nothing but the data you will find generated on this website with some good old fashioned market research, and I've done this spending as little as 15-60 mins a day on gold making.

Author: WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad
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