WoW Hardcore Casual's (MoP 5.4) - Battle Pet Finder Application Ready For Download

Published: 2014-05-22, by WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad

A little side project I've been working on for some time has been a battle pet finder application. Originally, I planned to use this to search all servers for the absolute cheapest pets anywhere. Then if I find a good deal, I can move to that server and make money very quickly to buy up pets.

Download the application here (Requires .Net 3.5 or higher, Windows 7 comes with this pre-installed).

This method worked quite well actually, I was able to pickup 5 Gaurdian Cubs for 1200 gold each when the news was released of their discontinuation. Some of the best picks I grabbed were: a Black Tabby Cat for 10g, a Dark Whelpling for 11g, and a Crimson Whelpling for 100g, all using this application. These were outliers and often the good finds are already gone by the time I make it to the AH, but still sometimes you can grab them.

Since then, I've gotten countless great deals on battle pets but no longer do many all server scans. Most of the time to get money quickly on a server requires BoA guild tabard gold conversion at a 4:1 ratio, which is what I did to purchase many of these pets. So actually I ended up paying 4x the price, which was still well worth it but kind of a hassle and slightly risky.

Because of this I now just flip xmog on several servers simultaneously and convert that money into battle pets to resell on my main server. I've made over 100k gold in the last few weeks just off battle pets doing this, and it definitely adds a substantial amount of income onto my quickly growing cash heap.

I've decided I should share this application with everyone in light of the recent news about the undermine journal shutting down. With wowuction being far below my standards in terms of usefulness, I feel there is no choice but to create a set of tools for the gold making community to hopefully bring us to the next level, and I feel this application in particular can be useful to many gold makers out there, not to mention there is nothing out there can do the same thing to my knowledge. The undermine journal has price comparing tools but they simply didnt give me the results I wanted, and now that they are shutting down there aren't many other options out there for battle pet enthusiasts and gold makers like myself.

Here is a screenshot of the application with a simple search:

What this search does: it first scans Tichondrius Horde for a list of all battle pets listed and displays the lowest valued pet. Then it scans Antonidas Horde (the checkboxes above the results are used to select this) and compares the prices of all battle pets there to the ones found on Tichondrius. White indications that it is cheaper on Antonidas but only by a little. Yellow means the price is at least a 2x greater on Tichondrius, Yellow-Green indicates a very good deal with the main servers lowest price listed at 8x the scanned server, Green indicates the pet doesn't exist on your main server, so you'll have to think about it yourself. Grey indicates there was no cheaper pet found than the ones on Tichondrius. Double click the leftmost empty column to bring up the undermine journal page for the battle pet if you are unsure if the purchase is a good dea or not. In the near future I will change this to bring up either wowuction or wowhead data on the item.

Keep in mind that this application is in a testing phase and is not 100% complete. Also there are no garauntees that the data is 100% accurate, as blizzard only refreshes auction house data dumps every hour or so. Furthermore, I make no garauntees that this application will be updated in the future, no garauntees that this application will work at any given point in time, and no garauntees that it will remain free for use. If you find any bugs or have any requests for future updates feel free to send them my way, but I make no gaurantees of any kind in regards to this application. My hope is that if this application proves to be useful to the community I will expand upon it and perhaps even open up my own version of the undermine journal here at wowhardcas. I already have some ideas cooking on how to make some tools that can hopefully be more useful to the community than TUJ has been.

Download the application here (Requires .Net 3.5 or higher, Windows 7 comes with this pre-installed).

Author: WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad
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