WoW Hardcore Casual's (MoP 5.4) - Make Money With Leatherworking: Stormscale Shuffling With TSM

Published: 2014-05-22, by WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad

One material I always keep an eye on for great deals is: Prismatic Scales. Prismatic Scales are used by leather workers for daily cooldowns and for making level 85, ilvl 386 / ilvl 415 stormscale mail armor for Hunters and Shaman.

Also remember that you can also do this type of crafting with Blacksmithing and Tailoring!

Well, yesterday evening I happened to spot some Prismatic Scales at a fairly low price of 36g / stack. I bought up 3000 gold worth, roughly 84 stacks and made some product. What I made:

Stormscale Helm x20-30
Stormscale Gloves x20-30
Stormscale Bracers x20-30
Stormscale Chest x20-30
Stormscale Leggings x20-30
Stormscale Belt x20-30
Stormscale Boots x20-30

Why Make This Stuff?

First, I have an army of alts level 85 I am trying to gear right now, two of them are hunters freshly dinged 85 with no Pandarian gear whatsoever. So before I start up those last few levels, I prefer to give them I nice gear base! I sent all my good Hunter pieces I generated with this batch to one of them: gloves, waist, boots, leggings, chest, wrist, and helm. 7 rares that would cost me 300-650 gold each on the market (estimated value 3000 gold)! I was able to get 4 gear pieces with crit/mastery/agi/stam and 3 pieces with crit/haste/agi/stam, since these are going to a Survival Hunter, I prefer mastery over haste but I didn't get that lucky this time so oh well.

Of course I also produced a lot of greens and blues that my Hunter can't use, so I'm going to sell this all off and hopefully turn a nice profit.

How Do I Setup TSM For This?

First you need to make two groups and two operations, one set for blue items and one set for green items:

Green Item Group:

Green Item Operation:

Blue Item Group:

Blue Item Operation:

(Note that the samples above don't align exactly with my stage 1 values I list below, so use this as an example only)

Key points:

  1. Set the post limit to accomodate your server size! I recommend starting low at around 2-4 initial auctions for all the greens. If you notice they are selling faster than this, raise this number to accomodate, but starting at a low number will reduce your posting fees significantly, and it's highly unlikely you sell more than 2 or 3 of a given piece each day. (Old recommendation: I'm on a high pop server and this is my first round of posts, so I am setting the green item post limit to 8).
  2. Set the item post limit for the blues to 500, you won't produce as many of them and they will definitely sell eventually if you drop the price low enough.
  3. Set starting prices fairly high for the first round of posting! I set them to 50-150g for greens, and 150-600g for blues. For the second round of posting you will lower all of these prices by roughly 10-50%.
  4. I recommend starting your auctions with a 12 hour limit and watching the competition. If you notice no one is undercutting you by much, then you can safely raise the time limit to 24 hours, but as I mention in my day 1 results below, if some competition undercuts you quickly you might end up with a heavy profit loss from all the posting fees you incurred. (Old recommendation: I post every 24 hours to keep my posting fes low, the chances are on a high pop server someone will undercut you within 24 hours, so there is little point to posting for more than 24 hours anyhow. 12 hours is actually probably optimal, but because my timezone is wierd I like to post at 24 hours).
  5. These items are expensive to repost, so you will want to eventually stop posting them all together. In my opinion you should post the greens 3-4 times over the course of the week, then just vendor or disenchant the ones that didn't sell.
  6. Use an alt to post these seperately from your main character, so you can keep track of how profitable this venture was, and to make disenchanting / vendoring unsold items easier.

Selling stages for greens:

  1. Stage 1: 50-150g - (Set your operation minimum to 50g, set the maximum and normal to 150g)
  2. Stage 2: 40-100g
  3. Stage 3: 30-75g
  4. Stage 4: 20-50g
  5. Stage 5: vendor / DE

Selling stages for blues:

  1. Stage 1: 150-650g - (Set your operation minimum to 150g, set the maximum and normal to 650g)
  2. Stage 2: 100-550g
  3. Stage 3: 75-450g
  4. Stage 4: 50-350g
  5. Stage 5: 25-225g
  6. Stage 6: 25-100g
  7. Stage 7: vendor / DE / give to friends or guild bank

What Kind Of Results Should I Expect?

First, for this exmaple I provided, my initial materials cost was 3000g. Techinically I already made this money back by gearing my level 85 Hunter as I estimate his gear would sell very well since I took top choice pieces. The posting fees for each stage should be something like the following...

Estimated posting fees for each stage:

  1. Stage 1: 150g (My actual posting fees were 600g, as I posted at 24 hours and 8 pieces, I changed my guide to reflect what would have been a better choice for maximizing profits.)
  2. Stage 2: 125g
  3. Stage 3: 100g
  4. Stage 4: 75g
  5. Stage 5: 60g
  6. Stage 6: 40g

So the total posting fees combined with the total materials cost for this profiteering endeavour will total at (550g + 3000g) 3500g roughly. Since I made 25x7 pieces with a blue proc rate of 10%, I got 17 blues and kept 7 of them. Leaving me with 10 blues that will sell for an estimated average of 300g each, or 3000g. Plus, I will get 158 green items, of which I will sell 50%, for an average of 35g each for 2765g. The vendored items will be considered negligable, for a total profit of (2765g from greens + 3000g from blues + 3000g valued set for my hunter) 10000g. This price estimate is probably a little on the high end, but you can easily see that this type of crafting has some serious potential. I will report back in 7 days with my actual profits!

Day 1 Results:

Unfortunately my day 1 results were pretty bad, I sold 3 greens for a total of 200g, and nothing else, leaving my first day pretty dismal. It turns out I was undercut pretty harshly and in light of this I modified my strategy. Some changes and data from my experiement so far:

  1. Change 1: Dropped my top end prices to 350g from 600g on rares, and from 150g to 100g on greens.
  2. Change 2: Set my maximum postings from 8 to 4.
  3. Change 3: Set my auction length from 24 hours to 12 hours.
  4. Total Profits: -400g (-600g posting fees, +200g from auctions, -3000g in materials, +3000g worth of items being used on my level 85 hunter)

When facing tough competition there really isn't much else you can do and obviously in hindsight I should have started out at 12 hours rather than 24, and pushed up to 24 if I noticed there was little competition rather than the opposite. The changes I made reduced my post cost significantly, as it went from 600g to post to about 100g to post, so this change will hopefully help me turn my profit margins back into the green.

Day 2-4 Results:

Over the weekend I was able to sell off a bit of my results and bring in a small amount of cash, running this experiment on an isolated character has taught me a few interesting lessons:

Lessons Learned:

  1. Lesson 1: I've changed my AH strategy for everything except xmog to always post at 12 hours. On weekends it can be difficult to grab sales if you post at longer than 12 hours because everyone is logging on and posting stuff so you will be undercut constantly!
  2. Lesson 2: The weekends are the best time to buy materials like ghost iron, exotic leather, windwool cloth, etc., because everyone is playing the game and farming these items up! There will be a lot of undercut wars going on during these periods!
  3. Lesson 3: The worst sellers for crafted ilvl 415 gear are all spirit gear and gloves! For some reason I can't sell gloves for the life of me, even when they have great stats!

So over the weekend with these changes I was able to pull in 3k gold total (after reposting posting costs), which put my total profits at roughly +2500 gold. Not so bad in my opinion, of course 3000 of that gold is "theoretical gold," but the pieces I took (windstorm pieces) are top sellers and go for 650g each easily. I also ended up moving some of the windflurry (haste/crit) pieces to my other level 85 hunter, and now I have roughly 11 blues left to sell. My remaining pieces are mostly healer gear however, so I reckon it will sell for 50-100g. Including the value of the disenchanted greens (there were a lot of these), I'd say I'm roughly breaking even plus I was able gear two level 85 hunters exceptionally well.

Keeping all this info in mind, here are some changes I made to my strategy:

  1. Change 1: Seperate top choice sellers (windstorm), the medium choice sellers (zephyr/windflurry/stormblast), and the bad sellers (undertow/wavecrest/galeburst) into three seperate TSM groups and set prices accordingly (650g/450g/150g).
  2. Change 2: DE/vendor remaining greens except for windstorm greens, and from now on immediately DE/vendor all bad seller greens (undertow/wavecrest/galeburst).
  3. Change 3: Never make gloves, and consider not making leggings as well, as these two are the worst sellers.

This will be my last update for this experiment, but if I run it again in the future for plate/cloth/leather or mail then I will add the results!

If I can grab some more materials later this week I will try running this experiment again!

Author: WoWHardCas-Team - Kel'Thuzad
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